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Wissam El-Kabra Story

Wissam Marwan El-Kabra, a Palestinian refugee from Safad, currently resides in Yarmouk camp in Damascus.
Wissam says: “I used to work as a teacher of a preparatory class in El-Khalisa Kindergarten in Yarmouk camp. Working with children was and still one of my favorite things to do. I always learned and looked for knowledge that could help me develope the children skills and personality.
Chess is my favorite hobby. My father, who was a photographer and inspired me a lot, tought me how to play it. I started teaching chess to children and adults for free or for a simple pay.

I also participated in puppet theater and schools. A lot of people admired and appriciated my work with children

I have a dream, to develope a new educated Palestinian generation, that is aware about the most important issue, the Palestinian issue. I work to increase the Palestinian children useful experiences and skills.
Wissam from El-Yarmouk camp, who was displaced but still seeks to reach liberation and return


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