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Al-Boubaria Market

We will take you on a tour with a beautiful initiative that was set up a while ago in the village of Bir Zeit, north of Ramallah, they called it Al-Boubaria Market, working every Saturday in Birzeit, the aim of which is to revive the Palestinian heritage and support local products, especially women made in the market.

Everybody has something to sell, for example handcrafts, Palestinian soap, and popular food to sell ​​them at popular prices.

The pictures in the story of the day, is of Nancy Farah and a group of women from the Bir Zeit Charitable Association, so that the market remains in a lively spirit, and they wore about more than 100 garments from all regions of Palestine

Nancy says “Of course, some of these dresses are part have disappeared, but we in the association are still keeping them and we make a show and we know about each garment, why is it how it looks like, why is it such a length, why is it an example of embroidery or what differs from the dress of Beisan from Safad from Tulkarm from Nablus because every garment has its story.”

One of the scenes that I will never forget is an old woman from Khalil in her nineties driving an opel 1980 model vehicle who is not fluent in English, but knows how to be proud of her handwoven fabrics when she says to European girls, “This is handmade if you cover the whole world, you will not have a job made with love, like my work.


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