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About us

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Untold Palestine is an independent digital platform to tell visual stories about the lives of Palestinians. Through photographs and short videos, we show realities that rarely appear in the media. We present inspiring Palestinian individuals and initiatives from different fields and from all places. The platform brings together all Palestinians in the homeland and the diaspora.

We publish photos accompanied by the written story in Arabic and English on social media to create a multifaceted image of the Palestinian people in all their diversity. Our platform is an open space, and we want to make it accessible particularly to those whose voices are usually not heard due to marginalization, racism, and exclusion. We respect diversity and freedom of expression, and individual and collective experiences and identities.

In addition to our social media channels, Untold Palestine offers skill-building workshops for artists, journalists. As well as photo walks for professionals and hobby photographers.

We seek to debunk racist stereotypes created by the western media that mentions Palestinians almost exclusively in connection with violence and terrorism. Moreover, we aim to present a more nuanced picture that goes beyond the traditional Arab media coverage, which tends to report about Palestinians mainly in a news context.

How do we tell our stories?
The stories we tell are people-centered; we shed light on their personality, interests, and passions. The combination of visual image and written text invites the viewer into the everyday life of Palestinians, and it highlights what lies behind these stories: the ability to thrive and to build a life despite the obstacles, violations and tragedies caused by the occupation.

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