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Lama Emad Tawfiq Al-Farra

My friend, Lama Emad Tawfiq Al-Farra, a high school student, was 17 years old. She was a very ambitious and hardworking individual.

 Lama, my dear friend, was charming and loved by everyone, just as she loved everyone in return. She was affectionate, kind, her dad’s favorite, and a second mother to her siblings.

She was entering her final year of high school, full of excitement and ready for the challenges ahead. She had ambitious plans; she wanted to become a doctor and study medicine with her brother in Egypt. With her gone, he won’t get to see her again, and her dream of becoming a doctor remains unfulfilled.

Her home was bombed on November 25, 2023. Lama, her little brother, father, and sister remained alive. However, her mother and younger sister were killed. 

On December 6, Lama followed them after 11 days because she couldn’t bear to be away from them

Lama is not just a number, she is a whole planet, and everyone should know about her and remember her because she’s more than just a number.

A message received on our platform from her best friend Siba Yahia Al Ghalban, who appears with her in one of the photos


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