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Mohammad Abdulhakim Madi

“Mohammad Abdulhakim Madi, from Al-Karara in Gaza, was born in 2005. He was a well-mannered young man, loyal, pure-hearted, and caring towards both humans and animals”. 


‏“He inherited his good name and high morals from his late father. Mohammad memorized the Quran and lived by its rules. He had a beautiful voice when reciting the Quran, often led people during prayers, and served as a “Muazzin” in the mosque”


‏”Since he was a baby, he never saw his father, who passed away before he completed his first year. Despite this, he took on responsibilities from an early age, having two siblings named Sami and Abdulhakim.”


‏”He was dedicated to his mom, a hardworking student who excelled in his school studies. In the 2023 high school exams, he was blessed with an impressive 94.7% average. He joined the engineering faculty at Al-Azhar University while eagerly waiting for the paperwork to fulfill his dream of studying space engineering”. 


‏“Before the brutal war started, he was learning the German language, preparing to go there and pursue his dream. Sadly, the Israeli shells shattered his dream.”


‏”On the last day, Ahmad found a cat. He took her in, gave her a bath, and fed her. He asked his mom to take care of her and then went out. Sadly, Ahmad was killed by a shell in Al-Karara near his home on January 5th.”


‏A message from his aunt, Fatimah, was received on our platform by his cousin, Farah.


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