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Rana Abu Shab

“Rana Abu Shab was 20 years old, my sister, my friend, and the beating heart of my life. She wasn’t just a companion; she was a part of my life”.

‏”Rana was studying Geographic Information Systems at the Islamic University. She was very passionate about education and life, and eagerly looked forward to graduating from the university. However, the occupation bombed her university, shattered her dreams, and killed her in cold blood.”

‏”We always used to go to university together, explored Gaza together, and never wanted to be apart. Rana had a deep fear of being separated from her loved ones, but sadly, that fear became a reality on October 11, 2023. On this tragic day, Rana, her mother, her sister, and her sister’s daughter were all killed together.”

A message received to our platforms from her friend Inam Abu Lebdeh, who appears with her in the photo.


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