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Mr. Samier Fahmi Lulu

“He often told me, ‘God willing, I’ll see you become one of the Muslim scientists, my son.’ I was his cherished child; he was not just my father but also my mentor. He cared deeply about every aspect of my life, my accomplishments, and my future, even more than I did. He wished to witness my graduation and see me take the doctor’s oath, but the occupation deprived me of him.”

“My father, Mr. Samier Fahmi Lulu, Abu Huthifa, was truly my heart and soul. When he was killed, he took all my dreams and hopes with him, leaving them feeling so far away now. I don’t care whether they will be close or gone, as my father is gone.”

“Every night, I find myself staying awake, reading his loving messages that he used to send me while I volunteered at Al-Shifa hospital during the war. Every night, I fall asleep feeling my heart ache. He used to tell me, ‘We miss seeing you.’ “

“ And little did I know that I would receive the news of his murder while I was at the hospital. I also didn’t know that I wouldn’t be able to leave because we were trapped. My joy died, and the joy in our home died too. Where is my mom’s smile that has gone with his soul, and my brother’s and uncles’ souls?”

“When our home was bombed at the beginning of the war, he said to us, ‘Don’t worry ,What’s important is that we all are safe.’But now, the home is gone, and the owner of the home too. On November 13th, my dad was killed along with 20 other members of my family”.

“My dear dad, I swear nobody was as perfect in my eyes as you were. Rest in peace, my beloved, and may God have mercy on your pure and weary body. May God grant us patience in these tough times until we reunite in heaven.”

A message was received on our platform from his son, Ezz Aldine Lulu, which he had previously posted on his own page. The photos show Samir Lulu with his son Ezz Aldine.


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