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Nahid A Azaiza

“The engineer, Nahid A Azaiza, had the kindest heart. He was like a second father to me, and he was our favorite relative. My uncle was a municipal engineer in Gaza, and I felt so proud to have an uncle like him. He was well-known and beloved by many.”

“I remember sending him a message saying, ‘Uncle, there was a bombing and my whole family got injured.’ I knew no one would stand with us like he would. I remember his concerned face and how worried he was about us that day.”

A few days before he was killed, he visited us, and I told him about the bombing, explaining everything. I remember he cried, and I wish I hadn’t made him cry. I can’t forget his tears; he was so caring.

On March 9th, when they told me that my uncle and his family were injured, I went searching for him. I looked at every face, hoping to find him and reassure him, just like he reassured me when my parents got injured. But I couldn’t find him. On that day, my uncle Nahed, his wife, and their children – Afnan, Ola, Ruba, Rula, and Fadi – were all killed.

“Goodbye, you were the heart of our family. Goodbye, May you rest in heaven.
Keep them in your prayers.”
A message was received on our platform from his niece, Baraa Moa’en A-Azaiza. In the photos, Nahed is seen with his daughters. In other photos, he is seen with his large family, including his brother Moa’en and their children during the last Eid Al-Adha.


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