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Narmine Haboush

“Narmine Haboush graduated from the College of Media. After that, she became a journalist, coordinator, and trainer in media and information education at the youth institution Pyalara. We first met when she was my trainer, then she became my friend and later my colleague. That’s how our relationship unfolded. ٍ

“She was an ambitious and energetic individual, passionate about helping others and constantly seeking self-improvement. She loved attending training sessions on new topics. My beloved Narmine was one of a kind, and if I had known that our last meeting would be the final time I’d see her, I would have hugged her and expressed how much I love her and her beautiful children.”

“Her pretty child, Leen, is no more than five years old. Whenever she sees me, she runs to me, hugs me, and says, “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in a long time.” She tells me that my hair is nice and advises me to keep it loose. She loved me, and I love her a lot”.

“I remember the last time I saw Narmine; we had planned to go get ice cream with the girls and her lovely daughters. Unfortunately, that day never came, and we never got to have ice cream together before Nermeen and Leen left.”

“Narmine, her mother, and her young child Leen, were killed on 30 December”.

A message received on our platforms from her friend Dima Yaghi, who appears with her in the photo.


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