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Haya Saeed

I’m writing these words, and my mind can’t grasp that Haya is gone, taking with her everything beautiful. I’m Nour, Haya’s friend for the past four years. During those four years, I can’t recall Haya ever upsetting anyone. She was one of the most kind-hearted and pure individuals I’ve ever known”.

‏ Haya loved drinking tea and was a fan of George Wassouf. Candles were her favorite; she eagerly waited for the nights to light them, make a cup of tea, listen to George Wassouf, and relax.”

‏”She had only 2 more years to finish her specialization, but the occupation killed her before she could enjoy her success. I traveled before I could say goodbye to Haya, hoping to see her after the war ended. I bought her a gift, intending to give it to her once I returned to Gaza, but sadly, the gift remains, and Haya is gone”. 

“In previous wars, Haya wanted to experience the war atmosphere with us because in Deir Al-Balah, where she lived, it was quiet. Unfortunately, Haya was killed in her supposed safe place. She used to say that people killed in wars would be remembered, and she prayed for them. I wish she were here now to see how many people loved her, prayed for her, and will remember her


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