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Zien Oroq

“Today, I don’t absolve myself, and I don’t absolve anyone else either. I wish you hadn’t gone hungry, and I wish you didn’t have to face any worries. I wish we could have carried your burdens instead. I wish we had died before you suffered. Our loss is immense, and our pain is even greater.”
From Abd Abu Oroq’s page, Zien’s uncle
The child Zien Oroq, his father’s first joy and support, was an adventurous and brave child who had memorized the Quran. He lived a good life within a warm and loving family.
Earlier in the war, about three months ago, Zien miraculously survived a bombing that targeted his family’s house. The attack killed 16 family members, including his grandmother, uncles, and other relatives.
Zien used to come back happy and share stories about how he got his small meals despite the dangers he faced during the aid drop. A month before he was killed, he survived a near-drowning incident when he jumped into a deep swamp to get his suhoor meal and satisfy his hunger.

On April 14, Yazan did not survive and was killed while trying to collect food aid that was dropped from airplanes over northern Gaza. A parachute with a supply crate fell on him.

The quotes and information mentioned were taken from the pages of Zayn’s uncle, Abd Abu Oruq, his father, Mahmoud Oroq, and the Al-Arabiya channel. In the photos, Zayn appears with his youngest siblings, and in another photo with his family, including his grandmother.

Sources: Oroq, Abed Ali Facebook account, (15 Apr 2024), Oroq, Mahmoud,Alarabiya Channel(14 Apr 2024).


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