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Nader Mahmoud Al-Nazli

“My dad Nader Mahmoud Al-Nazli worked in the decor department at Palestine TV. He was a hardworking individual with a caring heart and a father to 9 children. On November 16, when the occupation began their brutal land operation in our area, they carried out a bombing spree from dawn until sunrise.”

“Then, after half an hour of calmness, they began the artillery shelling. In every moment, we felt that it could be the last. Amidst this barbaric aggression, there was confusion, and we didn’t know what to do. My dad said, “Go to your grandparents’ home.”

“In the midst of the fear we were experiencing and the terrifying situation, I didn’t even look at my father’s face. We ran out of our home with shells exploding above us. My father went to secure a place for his family, rushing out as my aunt told us. Suddenly, a missile or a shell, we’re not sure which, hit around him. He began to scream for help. My uncle and uncle-in-law rescued him, finding him in a water pool mixed with pure blood.”

‏“They took him inside under the stairs, and he was bleeding. In this desperate situation, the tanks arrived at the location, and one of them was demolishing the houses nearby. It was a long night . He asked them, “Did you tell my children? Do they know what happened to me? Help me, help me.” But there was nothing they could do to assist him”.

‏“Then, after a long, dark night, on Friday, November 17, at 9 am, my dad had been bleeding for 22 hours. The whole family escaped death, and only my uncle, aunt, and uncle-in-law stayed with him. They brought a trolley and put my dad on it until they reached an open house with no one in it. They sat my dad on a doorstep and asked them for my mother’s number to notify her”.

‏”He started saying the first three numbers and stuttered, then he succumbed to his injuries on Friday morning. They were hopeless and scared, so they continued their way to try to save themselves and closed the door on him. They waited until the situation calmed down and came back on Monday to bury him.”

A message was written by his daughter Asmhan who is currently in very hard conditions in Sabra, northern Gaza. She sent it via sms to her friend and asked her to send it to us due to the internet blockage there.


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