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Abd Al-Ziz Al-Faliet,Halima Al-Faliet

“My grandfather, Abd Al-Ziz Al-Faliet “Abu Mohammad,” was 79 years old. He loved us dearly and was kind-hearted and supportive of his children. His land was his most prized possession, and he spent his entire life planting and nurturing it.”

“My grandmother, Halima Al-Faliet “Um Mohammad,” was 71 years old and the kindest grandmother. She adored her grandchildren and always loved gathering us around her. She was kind-hearted, loving, and very clever. She worked hard to raise and educate her children and did her best in every duty.”
“They stayed with us at the beginning of the war for three months, and it was the best time because they were with us. Their actions seemed like a farewell.”

“They returned to their home after all the neighbors went back and the situation was stable in their area. They insisted on staying at home to help their neighbors. My grandfather had a well and solar energy, so they provided water and allowed people to charge their devices. They were generous and always helped those in need.”
“On 1 March, the occupation bombed my grandparents’ home in eastern Dier Al-Balah. The only one there was the guard, Ahmad Al-Remili, who was killed along with them. We miss them deeply, and their absence is very painful. Even today, it’s hard to believe they’re gone and buried, but we’re grateful we could give them a proper burial.”
A message was received on our platform from their grandchild, Saja Al-Faliet, in the photos Abd Al-Ziz and Halima appear with their children and grandchildren.


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