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Sabreen Hosam Barkeh and Rimas Hosam Barkeh


‏“I call them “my heart’s daughters,” Sabreen Hosam Barkeh and Rimas Hosam Barkeh. No matter how I describe them or talk about them, I won’t do them justice. Everything beautiful seemed to reside in them, and they were an embodiment of good manners”.

‏“Sabreen and Rimas weren’t just my children; they were my daughters, sisters, and friends—everything beautiful in my life. We spent our time together, going out and living life as a close-knit family. Our bond was extraordinary; everyone who saw us envied the strong relationship we shared. Their love for their father was incredibly pure, and their affection for their older siblings was undeniable”.

‏“Their aspirations were like any girl who wanted to succeed in her field,and they wanted to make us proud of them. They were beloved by everyone who knew them, and that was evident to all. The smile never left their faces, and their love for doing good was a well-known quality. They were givers, always inclined to do good since they were young”.

‏“The last thing I expected in life was for them to be reduced to numbers. Sabreen and Rimas had big dreams for everything. On October 23, they were killed in an Israeli airstrike. They are now in a better place, but the pain and loss have shattered our hearts for the rest of our days. We hope to reunite in Heaven”.

‏A message received on our platform from their mother, Amneh.


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