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لأنه كل قصة مهمة ..


Ezz Odeh

Ezz Odeh – Nazareth

“My interest in retaining papers led to the Idea of recycling papers .

I have noticed that I don’t have storage space for the important and unimportant papers over time.

So I decided to recycle because I believe that each paper has its own story and that it is uneasy to get rid of it, and also to preserve the environment.

As I practiced,I was able to learn better recycling methods.

I used water from the air conditioner during the recycling process because I didn’t want to waste a lot of water.With time, I liked the idea and thought it was artistic because every paper took on a unique shape.and it motivated me to improve this skill.

Then I began to give workshops on the subject to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and not wasting resources that are part of the earth’s love.”


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