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Al hajj Story

I was born in Asmara in Yemen. It is estimated that I am 120 years old, but all I know is that I’ve lived long enough to tell my stories
I lived through the First World War, when I was not yet 10 year old.
I lost my family when we were forced to move from Asmara to Aden; there I got to know a boy from my town and he helped me find work despite my age

I lived in Aden for two years, went to Mecca to fulfill the Hajj and then to Jerusalem where I was attracted to the beauty of Palestine.

I chose to stay in Jaffa, where I worked and eventually got married, all until the arrival of the Jewish Families.
In 1948 we were expelled from the city, and my wife and baby were killed. I participated in the defense of Palestine, but as we were expelled from Jaffa to Ashdod, things got worse, and I finally arrived in Gaza.
I managed to find a life there, remarried, had children and grandchildren but though time has passed, the wars are not over


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