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لأنه كل قصة مهمة ..


ayat and Mohammed

‏The change in my professional life was a surprise to everyone. The questions were all the same: Did you leave your stable job and economic security to work in the embroidery industry? My answer was clear: I want to do what I love, what I’m passionate about. I got a lot of joy out of doing embroidery stuff, and because I studied Women and Gender as a Masters degree, I decided to incorporate it into my passion for the arts of embroidery, so I started implementing workshops for Palestinian women from different areas in Palestine, where we meet and exchange ideas during our meetings, which turned into something like family gatherings.
‏Muhammad and I met 10 years ago in the old market of Nazareth, which was neglected back then. We decided to continue and walk the journey together. After we got married, we decided to open a store in the same area where we met and to help revitalize the old market, and we called it “Harf” (means Letter in Arabic) to combine my vision of meeting and empowering women through workshops with Muhammad’s vision of Arabic letters and graffiti, which you can see his touch on every wall if you visit Nazareth.


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