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لأنه كل قصة مهمة ..


Ahlam Bisharat

My name is Ahlam Bisharat from the city of Tamra.

Family and music are my top priorities, and I enjoy playing the drums. Since I was two years old, my suffering with osteoporosis began, and since then my body stopped growing normally until I started using a wheelchair at the age of 16.

I decided to challenge this disease by standing on my feet at any cost. My health problem did not affect me, and I decided to believe in my abilities, I love my self, and I love my disability.

I lived my life despite all the difficulties, started intensive treatments, studied human development and the subject of the power of influence.

I succeeded in my studies, and I was able to stand on my feet again, and after that I started dreaming of starting a family and living in an independent house, despite all the of people who said that I could not start a family because of my short stature.

In 2010, I met my husband, Ramzi, from Jenin, and we decided to get engaged after we had a love story full of challenges. Despite the family’s disapproval and the occupation’s restrictions on my husband, we insisted and fulfilled our dream, got married, and became a happy family.

The love that brought us together gave us two daughters and a son: Ghazal, Kanan and Rosalinda.

My disability was the source of my strength, so today I present human development lectures in schools and in several places to motivate people who have suffered with any problem, whether health, psychological or social, and help them overcome this ordeal and write their success.


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