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Abu Fihmi Story

Today I went to the old city, where you can never pass by the entrance without seeing Abu Fihmi ( Ahmad taqash) a 73 year old man from Jerusalem. He’s been guarding the entrance of the old city for 40 years now.

Abu Fihmi used to work as a wall painter, he used to enjoy it. However because of people’s impolite treatment he started disliking his job. He prayed for help, and God responded to his request. Abu Fihmi has been working at his sweets booth for 40 years now!

He believes that his nice way of treating people is the reason behind his success.

It all started with a tray of fenugreek sweets, he started gradually learning more about making sweets from his brother, who lives in Jordan. Despite the fact that the booth is too small, it can support 15 individuals! Due to the political situation in Palestine, Abu Fihmi experienced a lot of harassment. He was suspended from selling his sweets several times and he got a lot of fines. Regardless he never gave up, he always went back to the same place and sold his sweets.

Abu Fihmi said: “ I’ve been standing here for 40 years, I’ve seen a lot and I went through a lot, but no matter what, living in Jerusalem is a gift from God.”


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