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Haifa Story

Mahmoud Attar is a 28 years old Palestinian, born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. He started the online “Haifa” project with his brother where they displayed wood products on social media and sold them in mobile exhibitions throughout Egypt.
Mahmoud moved the project to a new headquarters named the Gallery Haifa. The gallery was intended to become a cultural venue with book signings, concerts, exhibitions, and art workshops. Mahmoud says, “We chose to call our project ‘Haifa’ because it is a place that we cannot visit, and this is the case of the majority of Palestinians who were born abroad.”
Haifa is one of the largest cities in Palestine and the brothers dream of visiting it one day. “Surely nothing can be like home, but this project was an attempt to make something small to remind us of a place that we are forbidden to see.”
They created a minuscule Haifa in Egypt for people of all nationalities to visit, Arabs and non-Arabs, to introduce them to the Palestinian culture.


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