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‏Reem Abu Dieh

“Who is Reem? I would like to tell you about this beautiful person who changed my life”

“Reem was my best friend who never stopped believing in me, she was always there for me when I needed her, and when she laughed it was like heaven was smiling at me, her pure heart was so big it could fit an entire Galaxy, yet it had no room for hate”.

“ Even in my darkest moments , when I stopped believing in myself or that I can make it in this world, she was there supporting me and giving me strength to keep going on.”

‏“Her love was endless, and her sympathy for others was unique, she worked hard and made the best of the worst situations. She always had a belief that something better is coming and that things will turn around the way we want them to”. 

“She was the sun that gave me warmth and hope and I was the luckiest person alive to get to know her. May your soul rest in peace in heaven away from this cruel world, you left me a bit early and I only wish you could have stayed a little longer.”

‏By her friend, Basel Abu Ramadan 

‏Reem Abu Dieh, 25 years old, worked at Jawal company. She was killed on January 7, along with 20 members of her family, in an Israeli airstrike on Rafah.


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