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Nabil Abu Muammar

“My father, Nabil Abu Muammar known as Abu Haroun, was a wise, brave leader. He was generous and honorable, always welcoming his guests. My father was a farmer who planted olive and lemon trees on our land, which is located 150 meters northeast of the border fence in Rafah.”

The occupation forces bulldozed our land multiple times, but my father would return to replant it right in front of the soldiers who were always facing us. My dad would say, ‘This is my land, this is my home, these are my olives and wheat…'”

“Even though he lived simply, he wanted us to achieve the highest levels of education. He praised us for excelling in our studies and always encouraged us to pursue master’s and PhD degrees.”

“My father, Nabil, whose name means ‘noble’ in Arabic and truly described him, was an exceptional person. I could fill entire encyclopedias writing about him. He was killed on December 20, 2023, alongside my mother, my brothers Muhammad and Mansour, my sister Asil, my niece Tala, and 22 other family members.”

A message received on our platforms from Radwan Abu Muammar, the son of Nabil. The photos show Nabil with his children. Nabil’s story is one of the many stories of Abu Muammar family members who were killed during the war, and their son Radwan shared it with us.


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