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Belal Abu Shaqra


“Belal Abu Shaqra, my brother, was overjoyed to graduate. He worked for almost 10 days and was so happy that he started working until the war began. I left Gaza when Belal was in 6th grade. When I came back, I found him a young man. Oh, how happy I was to see my siblings all grown up”.

I stayed for 6 weeks, which were the best days of my life. I promised them I’d come back in spring this year. They were eagerly waiting for me. We had so many plans to do, but this world took away the most precious things from us. It’s an unjust world.

By his sister, Alaa Abu Shaqra

“Two days before the war broke out, Belal was not just a friend but also a brother to me. We were colleagues at university, both studying Accounting. He was the youngest among his siblings and loved by everyone. Before Belal, I didn’t truly understand the meaning of having a friend who is also like a brother. He was someone I was proud to have in my life – well-mannered, brave, affectionate, and always willing to help others without holding any grudges”.

“Every day, he used to send me messages saying, “Soon it will be over, it will ease, and we will meet again.” But death was much closer than we realized, my friend. I sensed its proximity from the very beginning, but I never expected it to come so close as to snatch away my closest friend without even saying goodbye. No words or sorrow can ever be enough to express this pain”.

“Belal and his family moved from place to place seeking safety, but tragically, they are all gone now. Belal, along with his mother and four siblings Bahaa, Nour, Hadeel and Safaa were killed on January 9th. He was a hero who never gave up; until the last day, he kept sending messages to check on his friends and prayed to see them soon. I always thought heroes don’t die, as the legend goes, but Belal was killed and left us”.
By his friend and colleague, Ahlam
A message to out platform from his friend Ahlam and from his sister.


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