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Alaa Joma

“Alaa Joma’a Al-Sha’er was a kind-hearted and ambitious person, always striving to achieve her goals. Her laughter never left her face. She got married and gave birth to a beautiful daughter named “Yaqoot”. Alaa graduated two days before the war, specializing in the Arabic language.”


“On the night she was killed, I heard shelling sounds nearby, but I never expected it to be Alaa’s house. Then, I saw her husband’s family name on the list of casualties. I sent her a message to check on her safety, but she didn’t respond. Minutes later, I received a message from my friend informing me that Alaa had been killed.”


“On 19 October both Alaa and her daughter Yaqoot were killed on the same day. Alaa had a new life ahead, but she didn’t get the chance to enjoy it.”


A message was received on our platforms from her friend Malak.


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