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Ahmad ,Mohammad Bsiso

Before the war started, my mom went abroad for treatment and got stuck there. We didn’t leave  during the war; we stayed  in  Ansar in Gaza City. Later, we moved to my grandma’s home in Al-Remal. On December 7th, a shell hit while Ahmad was in the corridor at home, and he was killed instantly”.

His last words were, ‘I miss my mom so much, tell her I love her so much.’ And five minutes later, he succumbed to his injuries.

Ahmad was just 16, but he looked mature for his age. Always helpful, he never said no when someone asked for assistance. He was my dad’s right-hand man, relied upon for everything. Dad taught him to drive his car, and all Ahmad’s dreams revolved around cars and soccer.

“Mohammad, also known as “Hamoud,”  entered the hearts immediately. He was like a gentle breeze, never hurting anyone. One of those children with a beautiful spirit, always cheerful. My dad used to call him “the honey bear,” and he loved playing with toy cars. His birthday coincided with the war, and he once said that when the war was over, he wanted to buy a smartphone and download games to compete with Ahmad

“Mohamed was injured with burns all over his body, and we couldn’t take him for treatment due to the lack of a working hospital in North Gaza. We couldn’t even take him out of the home because we were besieged with tanks. He suffered for days and succumbed to his injuries on the morning of December 12th

A message received on our platform from their sister, Siham Bsiso


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