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لأنه كل قصة مهمة ..


Rajaa Sabbagh

‏Being a passionate professional in human and children’s rights advocacy and research, the backbone of my beliefs is that children are respected individuals who are influenced by their surrounding environment, and most important, greatly influencing it back at individual, local, ‏regional and universal levels. This is echoed in my paintings as well, especially in the painting ‏that means a great deal to me: “Children of Palestine”, which embodies our childhood oppression and suffering, and for us, Palestinians, our struggle for freedom is apparent and beating with every single breath we take, whether in Palestine or in the diaspora!
‏My name is Rajaa Sabbagh, I’m a community social worker, children’s rights specialist, mediator, and Neuro-Linguistic programming practitioner. Above all, I’m a human being.
‏I moved to Germany from Haifa 4 years ago for my Master’s in child rights, and currently, I work in the field with humanitarian associations and organizations in Berlin.
‏I have been practicing Yoga and Mindfulness for more than 8 years, it had taught me that life is about what you fill it with, how much of yourself you’re willing to give to step into that moment, and this is my approach whether behind the consultation desk, on the mat or on the canvas.


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