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Mona Story

“Being a woman in an Arab society is generally not easy. Women face a lot of challenges in order to reach their goals…”

My name is Mona and I’m 32 years old

📍I was born and raised in a small Palestinian village located in Northern Gallile, called Arrabeh.

The Emergency room department has turned into my home for the past 8 years; a place where I grew, learnt, made a lot of friends, and met people whom, today, I call family. 👩‍🔬

2020 was challenging in so many ways. Going through the COVID-19 pandemic and being in the center of the chaos taught me a lot about life and what really matters to us as human beings. We have to keep our feet on the ground and to hold our heads high in order to survive.

2012 was a new life-changing chapter in my life. I had my first long term traveling experience with my best friend. Being exposed to new cultures was eye opening, exposing me to a world I’ve never experienced before. Since then, my soul craved more of these experiences. My passion was my drive, to visit 29 countries so far, 2 passports filled to document never ending experiences that fulfill one dream; which is doing what I love.✈️

I have always been an ambitious person, I’ve set goals for myself and dedicated my time to achieve them. Two years ago, I decided to become more physically fit and started hitting the gym on a daily basis. My everyday schedule was planned based on that. Being an athletic, and muscular woman isn’t a very welcome idea in our community. Accordingly, I made sure to keep my head up and focused on my goal and surrounded myself ith the right supportive people.


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