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My name is Jamal from the village of Jisr al-Zarqa. I love the sea ;it is my whole life. The sea, for all the inhabitants, of our city is the only open air that you breathe, because our city is besieged from all sides, and there is only one entrance, which is a small gate on one side of a dangerous main street. Many people have died trying to enter from it. To our left and right are the richest two cities where Benjamin Netanyahu lives.

In order for him not to see us they built a dirt wall separating us from each other. From one side we have the wall, but from the open side we have the sea which we grew up on. Even with it being open and free, we are also sometimes prevented to go in it and fish as our source of income.

I spend most of my time with my horse, who is my closest friend, or on the sea with the fishermen, and I hear the stories of the sea from my uncle Khalil, who is the owner of this hut. This beach was once full of people, and their lives, from villages that were destroyed in 48 .


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