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Ibrahim Ashraf Story

Ibrahim Ashraf is a 43 years old man who is a father of four. He is the head of the fire department in the Jabalia center/Gaza. Ibrahim is responsible for training the human resources and preparing the equipment.

Ibrahim says: “our job is dangerous and risky, I fear one day I will not be able to go back home to my kids. An incident I will never forget took place in the last aggression in August 2022. We got a request to rescue the house of Abu Jasser’s family. We started evacuating the wounded and started looking for people under the rubble. During the evacuation, a collapse occurred due to the crowding of people and a man fell and I held his head as he was bleeding. He bled until he took his last breath in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat.

Our job is full of unspoken details. Under every Gazan rock is a story untold.”


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