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Haneen Khamash Story

“I believe that each pesron has a social responsibility to their community and this is mine.

I’m Haneen Khamash, originally from Nablus, but I was born in Kuwait and live in Amman, I’m married with two daughters. I have always been interested in sewing, and after years of volunteering, I couldn’t find any organization that recycles fabric. So, I searched for fabric shops and sewing factories to collect unused fabrics, and I sorted them by type, color, and size until I had a good amount of fabric.

Then, I sent it to a dry cleaner to make sure it was all clean. This is how I came up with the idea to start a community institution I have named Fabrica.

Fabrica’s designs are special since each one has its own story, is handmade, and each design is one of a kind.

I like always to improve my work at Fabrica, and I recently started selling our products on social media platforms. Hoping to increase the use of recycled fabrics.”


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