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A strong woman

A strong woman

In the village of Ein Mahil near Nazareth, Firdus Habibullah opened the only café in the village, to be a centre for many cultural events and a place where lovers of literature and social activities come to from all places.

Firdus has been known for being active for many years.

“Oroub” Café has a special meaning in the heart of Firdus. It is the beginning of the story of her struggle to keep the memory of her daughter, she opened this café and named it in her daughter’s honor, who died in a traffic accident.

Firdus says:

The loss of my daughter cannot be described in words, but every day again I struggle so that her death won’t be another unnoticed event.

She has contributed to the building of a women’s movement that works together to bring the perpetrators of road rage to justice. It is regrettable that when the victims of road accidents are Palestinian-Arab, there is hardly any prosecution . Unlike Israeli victims where the courts are more equitable and firm.

She founded the café so that her daughter’s spirit would live on .

We dedicate this story to all the mothers who lost their children in similar accidents .


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