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Muhammad Kareem

Passion of nature, adventure and waiting for every raindrop…that is our story today. My name is Muhammad Kareem, I was born to a family of Palestinian farmers in Kufr Kanna, in the Galilee area. I accompanied my grandfather to the fields ever since I was young. I farmed side by side with my grandfather. In my childhood I used to wander around nature all the time and I grew up with the love of volunteering that I gained from my family. When I became a teacher I worked to plant the seed of volunteering in my students, and I followed through with many volunteering projects with them at the school in Nazareth.

In 1998, I started my path in documenting Palestine and its nature. With my simple analog camera, I documented plants, the trees and the villages that surround them, that were destroyed in 1948. There was no internet yet. I was honored to publish about hundreds of places that were not known to the public before. My published work, still helps in letting people know about places that were once not known, but now available to reach easily. Everytime I read about a new unknown place that I did not visit before, I rush to visit it and publish about it. This way, I let people know about Palestine and its landmarks. ✈️

📍In the village they call me the weather man, because of my interest watching and waiting for the rain and measuring the amount of rain that falls every time. Through this, I try to help the farmers in watching the movement of rain, so that they will be blessed during the farming season.


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