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Yara Amjad Meshtahi

Yara Amjad Meshtahi was a whole world; entering it brought peace, and one felt that nothing was worth being upset about when she was around. She made everything simple and beautiful, and had a warm and welcoming personality.

Yara cared deeply about details, more than anyone else. I felt lost without her. Yara loved order and organization; she even enjoyed coming to my place to arrange my room. She organized my entire life.

“She was ambitious and hardworking, always contemplating her future. She dreamed of visiting Spain and studying there, eager to learn many things. She couldn’t believe she turned 18 that year, realizing that she had the power to make her dreams come true. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the chance to achieve anything she aspired to

Yara was killed on November 5, 2023. Yara, who was always there for me , the one who always listened and cared for me, is now gone.

A message received on our platforms from her friend Jana Rasheed, who appears with her in the photos.


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