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Rabab Salem Deeb

“In our last messages, Rabab told me how close the tanks were to them. She said that as soon as the truce ended, they would be right there. She remembered all our conversations, our memories and photos, our graduation, the happy and sad times. She hoped the war would end soon so we could live and create better memories together.”
“Rabab Salem Deeb, 22 years old. She was like a soul twin, a sister, a kind friend, owner of a pure heart, Rabab was an ambitious person, positive, loved life, and dreamed of traveling to Turkey to start her life with her fiancé. She dreamt of working and being independent on her own.”
“We shared together a love for our country, nature, trees, candles, flowers, university projects, and photography. We used to capture every moment. I never expected the day to come when Rabab wouldn’t be there anymore, and everything we documented would become just a memory.”
“Rabab’s feeling about what would happen after the truce turned out to be true. On December 11th, I found out about the bombing of their residential block. I didn’t know if she was killed or injured, so I searched the news until I learned that Rabab, along with her entire family, were killed. Their names were listed among 70 others killed in their building in Al-Sheikh Radwan.”
A message received on our platform from Rabab’s friend Malak. The message included photos of them together, reminiscing about their shared memories.


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