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“Malak is not just a number, we must keep talking about her. Malak was a high school student, like any other student who had an ambition and wanted to achieve it”.
“Malak had a dream of becoming the greatest surgeon in Palestine. She wanted to study at the Islamic University and would often say to me, “You and I will study together.” I would respond, “I wish you could be with me in university and even after we graduate.”
Malak was injured in an Israeli airstrike on October 16th and remained in intensive care until she succumbed to her injuries on November 2nd.
“Malak was beloved, and the news of her tragic death was hard on everyone. The girls at school began sharing their beautiful memories with her. It’s important to continue remembering our martyrs. I wish we could find someone to speak kindly of us in our absence”.
A message to our platform from her friend, Haya Ashraf.


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