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Alaa Hassan

“Alaa Hassan, 26, loved reading and drawing. She had  a passion for photography, producing, and making videos. This year, she was determined to be successful and had big plans she was already working on”. 

Learning from YouTube, she was applying her skills to capture nature and shoot pics of friends and family. Plus, she  started making videos for relatives’ weddings

“Alaa was on the verge of making her dream come true. Despite facing many challenges due to financial difficulties, she managed to enroll in university. Pursuing her passion for photography and producing, she worked hard to excel. Alaa was happy and wished to have lots of followers, aspiring to be an influencer. She wanted to capture photos, share stories, and spread hope.”

“She had only been at the university for two weeks when the Israeli war started in Gaza. The university and all the roads got destroyed, and there was no hope to continue. Alaa saw the genocide happining in Gaza by a brabric enemy, saying, ‘ God, I hope to stay alive to show the world what we’re going through

“But she became the story. On December 14th at 1:33 pm, a house near theirs got bombed. A fragment pierced her body and her pure heart. Alaa, with her bright face, was killed, taking her beautiful dream with her – the dream she had worked so hard to achieve but won’t see through.”

From her sister Noura Hassan

Two messages were received on our platform from her cousin, Faten Ahmad, and her sister, Noura Hassan. The photos include two of her digital drawing works.

“Alaa, my cousin and like a sister to me, had a feeling since the truce days that she wouldn’t make it. While everyone in her family packed their bags, she didn’t. She fasted, prayed with others, and even saw herself in a dream as a bride in white. Alaa, the kind-hearted, was adored by the entire family.”

From her cousin Faten Ahmad,


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