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Ahlam Abu Muammar

“Just hours before she was killed, my mom said, ‘It’s all for God; nothing is lost with God. The reward comes from Him alone.’ She taught us this belief from a young age, teaching us to give to others because God will reward us.”

“My mom, Ahlam Abu Muammar, was beyond words. She embodied simplicity, kindness, and generosity. She forgave us instantly when we made mistakes. She named me ‘Radwan,’ which means ‘the acceptor’ in Arabic. Today, my name suits me as I accept the loss of my mother, father, siblings, and niece.”

“My mom valued education highley, on the day my sister Rawaa earned her master’s degree, mom was very happy. In the photo, mom is hugging Rawaa on that special day, surrounded by my brothers Mohammad and Mansour. Mom took Mohammad and Mansour with her to heaven, leaving me with Rawaa to care for and hug. Rawaa is still recovering from her injuries.”

“My mom loved the grapevine in front of our house, which holds many memories for us. We would gather under it, enjoying coffee together during good and tough times. Mom used the grape leaves to make stuffed grape leaves when I came home from university because I loved them. Her cooking was the best. She also made manakish za’atar, which we adored like the best buffet. She planted and ground the za’atar herself.”

“Today ! I miss her. I miss her manakish, coffee, simplicity, and touch. My mom was killed along with my dad, siblings, niece, and 22 members including her siblings, their children, and grandchildren on December 20.”

A message was received on our platform from her son, Radwan Abu Muamar, who appears with her in the photos.


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