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لأنه كل قصة مهمة ..



I was raised in Balata camp, but I am from the exiled Deir Tarif, in the Ramle district.

My name is Fares, I am 16 years old, and my dream is to be a knight. My uncle, the martyr, is the one who chose my name. I have two dreams for my life.

The first is that the occupation ends and the second is that I can own a horse so that I can participate in equestrian competitions and achieve my dream of being a knight. Since childhood, I watched the show jumping tournaments on television and I hope to raise the name of Palestine throughout the world through equestrianism. The first day I took a horse riding lesson was on the 15th of September 2018, a day that I will never forget. Shortly after that, I excelled so much that the coaches told me that I was chosen to participate in a friendly tournament in Palestine. I was first place for the Nablus Equestrian Club.

I considered it the first step in my journey to achieving my goal. I am sure that I can be a great knight, but my economic situation has prevented me from achieving this dream till now. I dream that I can own a horse and continue my path. One day I will fulfill my dream, and run with my horse and cross the mountains and plains and continue through Haifa, Jaffa and Azre. I will jump over all the barriers on my horse.


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