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Najlaa Abdellatif Story

I am Najlaa Abdellatif

When I moved back to Palestine, I was overwhelmed by the amount of trash that I saw every time I walked through the streets.

I decided to start working to change, first with my habits, and reduce waste as much as I possibly could. Soon enough, I became aware of the global zero-waste movement, a philosophy that aims to prevent the trash from ending up in landfills and oceans.

Ever since adopting a zero-waste mindset, I have considerably reduced my household waste by finding alternatives to waste-producing habits in daily life. By making these simple changes, I realized that a little goes a long way. For example, composting my kitchen scraps by digging them into the soil of my garden. I also mend and remake second-hand garments in order not to consume new clothes. As a result, not only am I reducing the amount of trash, but I’ve become healthier and reduced my costs.


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