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Naser Ahmad Rajab

“My uncle Naser Ahmad Rajab, 29 years old, was an ambitious young man who dressed well. He was kind and fun to be around. Naser lost his father at 12 and lived with his brother Salem, mother, and sisters. He learned affection and humanity from them. Sadly, Salem passed away 10 years ago, and Naser lived alone with and deeply cared for his mother.”

“He had a bachelor’s degree in business administration and worked as an agricultural guide and in “Talabat,” a delivery project. But his favorite job was entertaining children, making them happy, and playing with them. He got married and built his dream apartment and had a wonderful wedding.”

“Two months before the war, he learned he was going to be a father and was excited. He shared daily photos of the unborn baby with the family and took great care of his wife. When the war started, Naser, his mother, wife sought refuge at Khalifa school in Beit Lahia. The situation was tough and he had to search for supplies and medicine for his pregnant wife and mother.”

“On October 27, he decided to return home to gather belongings and prepare himself for Friday prayer and return to the school. At 10:30 am, nearby houses were bombed, and Naser was killed in front of his door while trying to find shelter. The impact of the bombing threw him onto the rubble, and he died instantly.”
“Naser left behind a pregnant wife who is due to give birth in northern Gaza, facing hunger and grief. His mother mourns him day and night. Naser is in all our hearts; please keep him in your prayers.”
A message was received on our platform from Maram, his niece, on behalf of his sisters, nieces, wife, unborn baby, mother, and friends. We all love him deeply and are struggling to come to terms with his loss.


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