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Faten Nasman

“Faten Nasman and I were friends for over 10 years. We always joked that we’d grow old together and remain friends”.
“Her graduation party was on October 7th, and she was both excited and stressed. That night, we stayed up late planning her celebration and how she would prepare for it. But the next morning, we woke up to find ourselves in the midst of a war. Her dad said , “It seems like you’re graduating from the world, Faten.”
“Faten was someone who paid attention to details, she was pretty, and she loved everything to be perfect and beautiful, just like her. She adored life and enjoyed selecting and wearing the most stunning outfits. She was my soulmate and lifelong friend. Though we had our arguments, she was always kind and willing to reconcile with me.”
“Faten loved laughing and would often send me reels on Instagram whenever she saw something she liked or places she wanted us to visit together. Once, she even sent me a picture of a wedding dress she dreamed of wearing when she got married, along with the shoes and hairstyle she wanted. She even had a photographer in mind. We had so many plans together.”
“She was spoiled, and her brothers loved her dearly. They were upset whenever marriage was mentioned because they didn’t want her to leave. However, on December 10th, they all left for another place. Sadly, Faten was killed along with her brothers and family”.
A message received on our platform from her friend, Kefah Ayad, who appears with her in the photo.


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