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Alaa ِAl-Najar

“Alaa ِAl-Najar was very intelligent and mature for her age, beloved and funny. When anyone looked at her, they would feel she was a little lady, even though she was very young. She loved games and stories, like any child. She enjoyed reading and drawing to the extent that when we were displaced from our home, she took her drawings with her”.
“She was always running and playing, and the day when the bombing happened, my grandfather, who was killed in the bombing, used to call her ‘my little bird’ all the time. Alaa was killed and became a little bird in paradise.”
“Alaa was killed at the age of nine, along with my sisters Sarah and Jana. She was born during the war in 2014 and killed on December 26, in this genocide. Alaa was a young child who couldn’t bear the bombardment and couldn’t handle the intensity of the strike, even though she appeared to be asleep. She was bleeding.”
“Alaa left a big emptiness in our home. She was the youngest one, and no matter how much she grew, she’d always be our little one. Alaa, Sarah, and Jana are gone, and we still can’t fully understand that they’re gone. We have to be strong. May their souls rest in peace and may they find peace in paradise”.

A message was received on our platform from her sister Maryam. In the photo, Alaa appears with her siblings Eman and Nour Aldine, who were injured and are currently receiving treatment in Egypt.


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